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Sponge Neoprene Stripping W/Adhesive 1in Wide X 3/8in Thick X 25ft Long

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-Closed cell black sponge neoprene that will not absorb smells, water or oil, and is dust proof, does not corrode

-Often referred to as weather stripping or rubber sealing tape to block air, dust and moisture, and commonly used around door and window frames

-Just peel back the liner to apply the strong and flexible neoprene adhesive side to metal, plastic, wood and other smooth surfaces

-Used for fixtures, noise and sound insulation, padding, expansions joints of precast concrete and steel, HVAC and refrigeration, shock absorption, cushioning and sealing

-Seal gaps fast - mess free around the home, office, garage, and warehouse

-Easily cut to size with utility knife, and this compressed foam can withstand temperatures that range from minus 40 to plus 200 degrees Fahrenheit

-Environmentally friendly, made of non-toxic materials, safe to use in the home, office or automobiles

-Use on furniture, chairs, desks, for anti-skidding and added surface protection